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Business Broker Spain over the years has become one of the largest business brokers in Spain.  Founded by Nigel Fitzpatrick and Mervyn Hughes in 2011 after re-branding from being associated with a large business transfer agency based in the UK. Nigel initially worked the Costa Blanca area of Spain and Mervyn the Costa del Sol and the logical step was to amalgamate these areas and join forces to grow the brand. Through sheer hard work, determination and tenacity we rode the recession of the early 2000's to develop other areas of Spain where Business Broker could thrive.

Short Bio's of the Team at Business Broker Spain

Nigel Fitzpatrick - Director.

Nigel Fitzpatrick As mentioned previously, Nigel is Director of the company and founder.  Nigel has lived in Spain for the last 12.5 years, married with a daughter that was born here.  His background is varied, worked in Australia at the age of 20, he owned a very successful bar/restaurant in the UK at the age of 22.  After selling this he was ready for his next challenge and joined the family hotel business and eventually ran the business and sold it in 2003. 

Business is in his veins, and he is passionate about success and the brand he has helped to create. Another passion is rugby having played in the UK and Spain, also coached in Spain but injuries and old age has finally caught up!

Mervyn Hughes - Director.

Mervyn HughesFrom the age of 25 started 2 manufacturer business, conservatory and garden rooms and fitted kitchens. Build this up and sold out for substantial profit after 10 years. Owned and operated 3 Mexican themed restaurants in ​K​ent again sold out to a national chain. Joined a national company as ​S​ales ​D​irector responsible for 30 salespeople with a turnover of 10 million plus. Invited to join LaSalle one of the UK largest companies dealing with mergers and acquisitions as regional director with deals in the 5 million plus sector.

Stressed out at the age of 47 went to Marbella to open a professional business brokerage,  joined and merged with Nigel​ Fitzpatrick​ in the Costa Blanca to form the largest and most trusted professional business brokerage in Spain. The rest they say is history.

Daren Martin - Associate Partner, Costa del Sol.

Daren MartinHaving studied at Royal Tunbridge Wells Grammar school for boys I moved quickly into the Stockbroking business I was quickly into the financial options field and exchange traded options where I traded various different exchanges throughout the world I finally ended with 15 years on the LIFFE where I was a ​D​irector of the then SwissBank Corporation (later to be Union Bank of Switzerland) With the exchanges swapping from open outcry to computers I set up a firm using electronic trading platforms but decided that it wasn't for me after a couple of months.
From there I have ran several small business in the ​UK ​from selling telephone systems to ​lodge homes​​, and I am passionate about business and helping others fulfil their dream.​
About 7 years ago I had kidney failure and decided to move to the Costa del Sol where I embraced the opportunity to become an Associate Partner of Business Broker Spain.

​Alejandro Scholtz - Associate Partner, Malaga City & Almeria.

Alejandro ScholtzAlejandro E Scholtz is a serial small business owner turned business broker by pure good old trial and error. Having recently moved from Miami Beach where Alejandro bought and sold several internationally recognized Quick Service and Health & Fitness franchises he owned, Alejandro has made a profession out of the confusing and error intolerant process that is acquiring and selling a functioning business. He studied Business Administration at the University of Colorado and received his MBA from Babson College. In his free time, Alejandro enjoys playing golf, cooking things he has no idea how to cook and reading at the beach. Grateful for an amazing group of Coworkers and Mentors at Business Broker Spain, Alejandro makes sure that buying and selling a business feels more like going prepared to the beach than trying to slay a beast.

​Johnny Fusco​ - Associate Partner, Mallorca

​Johnny Fusco​Johnny is an entrepreneur from Northern Ireland.
Working with a variety of businesses as a development consultant has given him a phenomenal array of experience in the early stages of his career. As a development consultant he often advised expanding businesses on potential purchases. He has been involved in many rebrands and the launch of new businesses.
Although very successful in his home town of Bangor, the lure of a life in Mallorca working with the credited team at Business Broker Spain was an opportunity he couldn't let pass.
Johnny takes great pride in helping buyers and sellers advance to the next stage of their life.
He believes in personal development and learning everyday to be a better version of yourself.
He enjoys exploring the island and meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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Proceedure After Instruction for Sale

Once Business Broker Spain has been instructed to act on your behalf in the sale of your business, we take full details of the business and internal and external photos. Part of the discussion with you the vendor is to ascertain if the business is being sold confidentially or if you prefer a full description and photos for the marketing.

The complied details of the business are passed to Mr Nigel Fitzpatrick, Director and head of the deal team. The business is added to Business Broker Spain's website with a reference number commencing in “BB”  An email is sent to you informing you that the listing is live and asking you if you would like any amdendments making. Once we have confirmation that the listing is your satisfaction we then activate the XML feed which will link into the numerous business portals such as, ThinkSpain & Kyero.

The pro-active service is now begun, with the deal team matching your business to our large database of clients, details of the business are sent and phone calls made. Contact is made to our collaborators around the world for them to contact their clients to establish if the business is of interest. The networking web begins to get spun, with the main aim of getting your business in front of as many buyers as possible.

At the end of month one we contact you to update you on how the marketing is proceeding and we inform you of any serious interest, you will receive these reports monthly.

Once we have a serious client interested in your business we qualify them to establish their timescales, budget and more importantly if they have funds in place to proceed. No sensitive information will be released to the client until our NDA has been signed. This document is a standard non-circumvention and non disclosure agreement which not only protects you as a vendor but protects us as the broker. Our experience over the years has taught us that clients which are genuinely interested will sign the document which takes us to the next process.

When the NDA is completed and signed, we will request the last two years trading figures from you and any other information te client has requested. It is vitally important that you respond promptly to this request. A client will not be prepared to go to the expense of travelling to view the business without any trading figures. It's very important that you understand the clients needs, why would a client pay hundreds of pounds/euros for flights before seeing the performance of the business?

The figures and business information is sent to the client and discussions are had with the client about the business and the about the “true” performance. Our job is now to sell the business and encourage the client to view. The process can be lengthy, it's very rare a client can drop everything and be on the next plane over, however we understand this and no pressure is every put on a client simply because desperation leads to fear.

One of the Directors always accompany the client on a viewing and we try and keep this as relaxed as possible letting you the vendor show your business and to a certain extent control the conversation. Client's like to hear and see that you are passionate about your business, and during the viewing this is a good time to showcase this. Once the viewing has been completed, and the client is satisfied our Directors will chat about the business and the potential it offers and if the client wants to give feedback notes are taken to pass onto you the vendor. We give the client a few days to think about the business and we contact them for feedback and establish if they are interested in placing an offer and obviously report back to you.

The deal team's job is now to establish a firm offer and the clients timescales to purchase. Nigel Fitzpatrick will negotiate with the client on your behalf to broker the deal and get you the best price possible. If there is an agreement, we will confirm via email and request your lawyers details putting your lawyer in contact with the vendors lawyer. Deposit contracts will be drawn up and the deposit paid into the lawyers account, with a date for completion.

Business Broker Spain thanks you for placing your business and trust in us and we assure you of our best attention at all times.

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