Buying a Business in Mallorca

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Buying a Business in Mallorca / Business Brokers in Mallorca / Why Buy in Mallorca.

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Mallorca, also spelt Majorca, is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful locations and provides entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to establish a highly desirable lifestyle. With the frequent sunshine and a continuous influx of holidaymakers, it is easy to see why so many people view setting up business in Mallorca as a lucrative and enjoyable venture.

Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands with fantastic beaches, local historical attractions, as well as excellent restaurants and nightlife that entices many holidaymakers from across the globe year on year. For many, a Spanish sun holiday is a perfect way to spend their annual leave, and the holiday does not have to end as many people return to Mallorca to invest in a business and retire there. Mallorca offers a fantastic quality of life for both Spanish locals and the expats who move there, and the year-round sunshine is of course highly desirable.

Buying a business in Mallorca is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and experienced professionals alike as the island is an extremely popular destination with the international airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, being one of the busiest in Spain. As part of the European Union, Spain attracts many fellow Europeans who want to visit a country that also has the Euro currency, and with so many visitors coming to the island there is the ideal opportunity to set up and run what can be a popular and profitable business.

The Business Broker Spain team have over 25 years of combined experience in helping businesspeople from around the world find the right investment to match their objectives, as well as successfully selling an already established business. Our team enable you to achieve your goals and find the right business or buyer, as well as relocation assistance, language translation, advice with opening bank accounts and finding accountants or other business experts. We will also assist you with your legal obligations such as company documentation, licences, permits or other registrations you need to complete.

Buying a Business in Mallorca

Spain offers numerous benefits for businesses due to its geographic location and climate, as well as having a stable government and economy, making it appealing for development and investment opportunities. Being part of Europe also means that trade between other EU countries is easier and the labour and transport costs are low.

Using a professional business broker in Spain is the best way to buy or sell any business in Mallorca as you will receive expert help and advice from a highly experienced team. Whether you are wishing to buy or sell a Spanish bar, restaurant, shop, or bed and breakfast in Mallorca, our expert team will guide you through the entire process and use our vast network of owners, investors and suppliers to ensure you get the best service possible. Business Brokers Spain also has a range of amazing investment opportunities for those wishing to start or develop their portfolio in Mallorca.

For those interested in investing in the island, having a professional Spanish-based negotiator is essential to provide the help and advice you need to find your ideal business or sell your existing enterprise with ease. At Business Broker Spain, our management team have vast experience in the sale of businesses in Spain and have offices across Spain as well as in London.

For the professional way to buy your next business in Mallorca, contact your nearest Business Broker Spain office today: Alicante +34 965 020 527, Marbella + 34 95 127 226, London + 44 203 773 5016 Tenerife +34 822 680 011, or email .

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